That Filter Thing

Presented by Comfort Care Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

How to qualify?
Own a piece of property with a filter that needs to be changed

Who needs it?
Everyone. The life of your system depends on the attention you pay to it, why not let us take that burden so you have one less thing to worry about.

What does it cost
The average filter bought from a home improvement box store is $12 for a decent pleated filter. Most of the time you buy them, set them beside your furnace and walk away because lets face it, life happens, the existing filter fills up and blower works harder, the compressor can’t breath and damage is being done. For the cost of 2 of those filters we will come, regularly and chose those filters, preventing unnecessary wear and tear on the most vital parts of your comfort system.

Why Comfort Care?
Why not us? This is our business, our profession and our mission. Having a trained HVAC Specialist in eye-shot of your system can never be a bad idea. We may notice an issue before it becomes a problem. You may notice an issue that you have yet to ask about but seeing an HVAC professional in your home reminds you to ask. The benefits outweigh the cost and we stand behind it.

What else do I get?
Well, besides peace of mind, cleaner air and overwhelming sense of accomplishment you also get 30% off of our yearly Comfort Pledge Maintenance Agreement, a full throttle protection plan for your home comfort system and 5% off if your system ever fails you…that’s 5% off of parts or 5% off of a replacement.

Montly 1″ Filter Thing – $30/week or $300/year (yearly enrollment lowers costs to $25/week)

For those of you with high efficiency filters

Quarterly 3″ Filter Thing – $90/quarter or $300/year (yearly enrollment lowers costs to $75/quarter)

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M. Bohning

Responded quickly when others couldn’t, reasonable prices. Very happy with our experience.

A. Handrock

They are always prompt in coming out and working on the issues, and do good work.

V. Preble

Called this A.M. and was able to get to my house within a few hours. It was 92°in my house. Within 30 minutes it was back up and running. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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